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We are the specialists of app and website development. Tailored to your every need, we are with you every step of the process to create a custom seamless experience for your end-customer


As Magento solution partner, the ecommerce platforms we develop are guaranteed by the ecommerce giant Magento. With an integration of brick-and-mortar shops to the offline customer experience, we provide seamless experiences for your customers


Because it is crucial to be as informed as possible when launching a new project, we also provide consulting services. For any technological matter, we deliver advice suited to your company’s specific needs, goals and challenges

Read What Our Clients Say About Us

Ori Mayer, eCommerce Manager
We are extremely pleased with the work we receive from the Betanet team. They have top notch experience, knowledge and development work. They work efficiently and professionally with fine attention to detail and are a pleasure to work with. We can highly recommend them
Dror Lev , CEO
In the past year, we have launched a new eCommerce website for S.WEAR. i’ve noticed Betanet professionality right from the beginning. In eCommerce websites its very important notice the small details, every button and every click. With the great knowledge and experience of BetaNet, we managed in short time to launch the new website, that in the past year increased our total sales in about 25%. Beyond the proffesiality and the integrity. Betanet always here to help, support and suggest new ideas and solutions and this is the key for the success of Betanet and ours as an outcome.
Hila Harbel, Founder
I discovered Betanet a few years ago when we worked in close partnership on different projects for mutual clients. While working with Ayelet and SandraI I was highly impressed with their valuable knowledge and expertise with the Magento 2.0 commerce platform which was just launched. The Betanet team was fast, innovative and creative providing our mutual clients with customized solutions. They were also very responsive and were able to solve and overcome all technical difficulties. Before partnering with Betanet I was very overwhelmed and frustrated with the lack of knowledge and expertise of companies in overcoming the challenges of Magento 2.0. and found my self shuffling from one company to another not getting the integrated solution provider I was looking for, At that time I realized the need for B2B Commerce functionality to meet the needs of my new packaging business. The challenge, however, was to find a solution for the 3D model, that would transform at the end of the design process to 2D. I had no doubt that Betabet can provide with seamless sophisticated solutions and overcome challenges before the deadline. With the help of Betanet, we became the first 3D online customized packaging platform in Israel! Betanet is the most professional developing company in Israel, particularly with using Magento commerce platforms.
Larry Szerer, Founder
Yes, we are satisfied about Betanet. Sometimes, we give them a lot of work and change the direction a lot. They adapt to it very well, and they do things as quickly as possible. I feel that Betanet does understand my market and my business.
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