How Did S.wear Increase Online Sales  by 25% on their  B2C eCommerce Platform
How Did S.wear Increase Online Sales  by 25% on their  B2C eCommerce Platform

How Did S.wear Increase Online Sales by 25% on their B2C eCommerce Platform

Meet S.Wear

S.Wear is a privately owned clothing company operating since 1992. Its stylish casual/basic sportswear and high-quality cotton. targets the entire global market - offering collections for women, men, and children. In Israel, it’s one of the hottest and most well-known fashion brands that sells high-quality sportswear and comfortable sweatsuits. S.Wear has numerous stores located across the country, successfully operating 60 branches, and is constantly growing.

We developed a brand new eCommerce platform for S.Wear using Magento platform. With the creation of a new, intuitive, and user-friendly website, S.Wear’s online sales jumped 25% after the company launched the website.

The Challenge

S.Wear realized that its strong offline presence was not enough to keep up with the world’s fast-changing, ever-evolving digital economy. The company needed to expand its online presence and allow customers to shop for garments online in the easiest and fastest way possible. At the same time, it was important for S.Wear to maintain the high-quality of its garments and give its customers an excellent in-store experience.

This was challenging for numerous reasons. First S.Wear needed to implement an advanced and automated B2C eCommerce solution while at the same time never compromising the quality of its in-store sales. This is when the clothing company sought for assistance by professionals in the digital tech eCommerce solution sector.

At Betanet we implemented an advanced automated B2C eCommerce solution for S.Wear, integrating all of its systems, using Magento Platform. With the creation of a customized, intuitive, and user-friendly website, total yearly sales quickly went up for the clothing company!

Choosing Betanet

After searching and checking numerous technical solutions, S.Wear chose Betanet to establish their online presence. We knew that we could handle this challenge by developing S.Wear’s brand-new eCommerce website using Magento platform. With the creation of a new website, one that is customized on a personal level - we also allowed S.Wear to receive all the tools and backend features they needed to succeed.

S.Wear eCommerce platform supports international and local solutions. Each has its tailor solution to support its own target audience

Beyond Betanet’s professionalism and integrity, they are always available to help,

support and suggest new ideas and solutions for our platform. This is key to our success.

Dror Lev, S.Wear CEO

The Technological Solution

Betanet’s goal was to automate and integrate all marketing channels to personalize the customer experience, enhance marketing efficiency, and boost sales. By connecting the S.Wear dedicated ERP system and automating their marketing ecosystems, the clothing company is now able to gain valuable information about product supply, inventory, and customer purchasing behavior.

Here’s a list of technical solutions that were implemented by Betanet:
  1. A connection between local and international consumers to desired available products in real-time by integrating S.wears’ ERP system with ONE Magento customized eCommerce digital platform.
  2. A simple uploading merchandise process, offering special discounts, and customized pricing, with modification according to geo IP, using a single digital entity.
  3. A validated and expedite order processing systems that connect to product inventory while maintaining an updated supply chain with full visibility.
  4. A sophisticated backend logistics process linking between S.Wears’ warehouses and shipping delivery companies, which enable the following services:
    • Printing shipping labels including barcodes
    • Changing orders statuses in bulk
    • One-click export order warehouse reports for item collection
The Results

An Omnichannel Approach

S.Wear implemented the omnichannel solution that Betanet offers. This provides shoppers with a unified experience across both online and offline channels. Ultimately, the omnichannel approach allows consumers to enjoy a seamless shopping experience both in the physical store and online. S.Wear customers today can reap the benefits from any channel they choose to shop on.

An Omnichannel Approach

S.Wears’ loyalty club clients can now take full advantage of the omnichannel marketing solution in order to enjoy a consolidated experience both online and in their physical stores. This integration allows the loyalty program consumers to view their current balance, receive updates, and redeem and earn loyalty club points on the website and in the physical store. The points that shoppers earn can be spent on both platforms with the same conditions.

Final Words

The new S.Wear eCommerce platform takes on an international dimension with its multi-language selection and localization features. Shopping online is now available both in Hebrew and English, thanks to the international and local solution. Such a solution enables S.Wear to reach its customers more accurately, further allowing them to fully understand and get the most out of their online shopping experience on a single platform.

S.Wear also embraces the concept of an omnichannel experience and now provides its users with a unified shopping experience. S.Wear shoppers can also use their total loyalty points in-store with the online points they accumulate.

I’ve noticed Betanet’s professionalism right from the very beginning. With eCommerce websites, it’s very important to notice the small details, every button, and every click. With the great knowledge and experience that Betanet offers, we managed to launch the new S.Wear website in a very short period of time. In the past year, we saw an increase in total sales of about 25%.

Dror Lev, S.Wear CEO