The Power Of Merchandising
The Power Of Merchandising

The Power Of Merchandising

The Searchspring platform allows you to arrange products based on category and search results pages in a way that they make sense for your eCommerce business and users.

Instead of using the eCommerce platform default arrangements, optimize how products display based on sales goals and business rules you create, manage, Automate and Personalize.



Study case

We implemented Searchspring merchandising solutions on, an online tile store, by extending the Magento core merchandising functionality on their catalog and search.

What we did

Integrating with Searchspring API to allow dynamic and personalized merchandising on the website category pages, search result pages and search auto suggest.

Eliminate dead ends -- use 404 pages for suggesting customers with similar products or keywords.

Create upsell and cross-sell product recommendations based on order history and recently viewed items.

The challenge

Showing dynamic and personalized merchandising while keeping performance and user experience as good as possible.

The results

  • Relevant and personalized merchandising
  • Relevant and personalized search results
  • Automation - save time and eliminate manual work