Try ON - Virtual Mirror
Try ON - Virtual Mirror

Try ON - Virtual Mirror

Luxottica technology using augmented reality creates an online shopping experience. The user looks into the video camera, just as he would in front of a mirror, try on eyeglasses or sunglasses and view how the glasses would look like on him the video session that open online for the user has a digital reflection when moving the head, the effect is very faithful and three-dimensional, just like it would be in real life.

Study case

We implemented Try ON - virtual mirror solution on
eCommerce website. Opticana is a leading retail chain in the field of optics and hearing.
on their website , on the product catalog we added on selected items the “try on” button,
by clicking on this button it will open the “try on” experience using the user video camera in real time



Try it on yourself:


What we did

We integrated with luxottica “virtual mirror” API to allow users to “try on” glasses using video camera, creating a personalized online shopping experience. Users can choose sun glasses or eyeglasses they want to try on, choose the color and simply view how it will look like on them, Implemented the experience both on desktop and mobile product pages.

The challenge

Showing smooth and personalized experience while keeping performance and user experience as good as possible from all devices

The results

  • online personalized shopping experience
  • increased engagement on the product pages
  • helping users visualize how the glasses will fit them
  • increased conversion rates
  • keeping users on the website for longer time